Building and construction can be confusing and feel adversary for those not actively involved in the industry. It doesn’t need to be that way. We become your advocate and “construction-eese” translator making “cloudy” issues clear. Sitting on your side of the table. We do the heavy lifting to allow you and your team to continue to focus on your ministry.

Project Management

Successfully completed building projects require a team that is intentionally focused on the process. There will be hundreds of decisions and processes that require addressing throughout a project including:

  • Subcontractor selection
  • Draw Requests
  • Change Order coordination
  • Furniture, fixture and equipment procurement
  • Audio, video and lighting integration
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Way-finding
  • Move-in coordination

All of these, plus many more, must be planned, managed and led.

Construction Oversite

The art and science of construction is far more complex than ensuring workers can drive nails in a board. Successful projects require:

  • Governmental coordination
  • Site safety and cleanliness
  • Coordination with ministry functions
  • Integration of all partners
  • Efficient sequencing of trade contractors and suppliers
  • Dispute resolution


Church Leaders must continue doing their ministry work and not become embroiled in the day-to-day job site activities. We become your part-time staff person to fill this role.

Our team is available for regular on-site meetings as well as daily communication with the build team.


Inspections are not merely when a building official comes to view the appropriate work, but they include regular inspections for:

  • Safety Compliance
  • Quality Control
  • Special Inspection Verification
  • Design Intent
  • “Morale” of the Build Team
  • Integration of Build Partners
  • Satisfaction of Church Leaders


Finishing the race (with excellence and the vigor it started with) is critical. To ensure that is occurs, we help lead:

  • Punch List Process
  • Closeout scheduling
  • Warranty Manual completion
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Final Governmental Approvals
  • Insurance transfer
  • Permanent Financing
  • Preparation For Facility Opening

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