Do you have a firm grip on the condition and life cycle expectations related to your facility?

A Facility Condition Assessment is an evaluation of the current condition of your church facility. This assessment helps facility leaders understand:

  • The condition of their facilities
  • Develop a Capital Reserve Budget (for now and to prevent inevitable costs)
  • Prioritize resources (both financial and human)

Think of it this way - we should get annual physicals from our physicians to determine if we are in optimal health. Sometimes, we put it off...but that doesn't mean the reality of our health concerns just go away.

This is the same for your facility. Ignoring the deferred maintenance does NOT serve your mission as leaders in Facility Stewardship.

Our facility professionals and specialists can provide a detailed assessment of your facility, including:

- Fresh Eyes Assessment

- Life Cycle Assessment

- Benchmark of Budgets/Staff

- Deferred Maintenance

- Facility Management Best Practices

- Preventive Maintenance

- Energy/Operational Evaluation

- Capital Reserve Planning


"The assessment aided us in establishing a planned capital replacement program in that we were able to prioritize based on life cycle in all the areas assessed. Because of the assessment we were able to get a real look at our deferred items and plan for their renovation or replacement."

- Clark Byram, FBC Sevierville, Sevierville, Tennessee


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Learn How to Increase Energy and Operational Effectiveness

Utility bills, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC replacement are significant costs for most churches. HVAC usage can be attributed to 50-75% of your utility bills and HVAC maintenance and replace are your second or third largest capital expenditure not to mention the cost of staff to constantly change settings for events. If you are looking for a means by which to increase operational efficiency and control costs, then this resource is a MUST read.

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