Intentional planning is required to achieve a desired goal. Period. Intentional activities are the catalyst to meet the goals of the church and project. Decisions during this process will set the tone and direction for the balance of the project. Do not take this lightly.


The money you spend on a facility initiative will be virtually “spent” during the pre-construction phase of the planning process. Every line on the drawings represents dollars so we weight the implications of decisions and direction.


Design isn’t just what a facility may look like. The complexity related to design encompass:

  • Storytelling
  • Exterior Aesthetics
  • Flow of interior space
  • Vehicular and pedestrian flow and safety
  • Life Cycle planning
  • Proximity and location association
  • Accommodation for growth/expansion


After 30 years of developing facilities, our team has yet to find a church that didn’t use money. Some use just cash and/or other assets but most facility initiatives require a combination of cash, generous commitments and financial institution assistance. We ensure the proper mix.

Master Plans

These aren’t just pretty pictures to be posted in your lobby or on the website. Rather they’re a series of planning processes that must include (and shouldn’t be rushed):

  • Ministry Master Plan
  • Financial Master Plan
  • Facility Master Plan (not just land!)
  • Life Cycle and Sustainable Master Plan


The process where we care for those things entrusted to us. Not just financial stewardship and capital campaigns (all churches can also use an extra dose of spiritual generosity!) but be sure to include Facility Stewardship. It’s a component that is too often neglected and must be considered in every aspect of planning.

Pre-Construction Management

The term for what our team does for a church. We’re not a “rep” or “manager”, but rather a facilitator of the project. We guide your team through the myriad of complex issues associated with:

  • Team Selection and Integration
  • Design Coordination
  • Financial Coordination
  • Partner Implementation
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Permitting Assistance

Team Integration

The selection and integration of your project team can be the single-most landmark component to the success (or not), of a project. We aid the church to:

  • Set Team member criteria
  • Develop Request for Information/Request for Proposals
  • Interview and vet potential partners
  • Leadership and integration of partners


Not just the utilization of time, but this impacts every aspect of the project including:

  • Coordination/satisfaction of all team partners
  • Cost of goods and material
  • Long “lead time” coordination
  • Financial implications
  • Using the tool to fulfill your vision


All church facility initiatives have had a finite budget ever since King Solomon. Understanding the costs of a TOTAL project is paramount to success. The “building” costs are usually only 45-60% of the Total Project Cost. We evaluate what your successful project will cost to complete.


Permitting, entitlements and compliance with local governmental authorities can challenge the spirituality of even the most committed Christ-follower. Our team works with the authorities to mitigate and lead these activities as Church advocate; relieving the aggravation that is common.

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