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The Four Buckets of Church Facility Budgeting

If your church has a facility, then you have been entrusted with the care and stewarding of your ministry tool. That means that you will have to set budgets, hire personnel, plan for capital replacement and so much more. In fact, next to your overall staffing costs, your facility related budgets will be the 2nd or 3rd largest expenditures and will also be your largest physical asset. This resource is a tremendous guide to help you determine what your budgets should be and the various buckets monies should be allocated. Operational budgeting is not rocket science, but it must be INTENTIONAL.

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A Measured Approach to Church Security

Keeping all those that have come to hear the Gospel safe can feel like an overwhelming task. There are many different ideas on what is correct and appropriate. This series on church security is designed to give you the foundational elements necessary to begin building a program that is right for you. If being intentional about security is important to you, then this resource is for you.

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Learn How to Increase Energy and Operational Effectiveness

Utility bills, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC replacement are significant costs for most churches. HVAC usage can be attributed to 50-75% of your utility bills and HVAC maintenance and replace are your second or third largest capital expenditure not to mention the cost of staff to constantly change settings for events. If you are looking for a means by which to increase operational efficiency and control costs, then this resource is a MUST read.

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Almost every component of your facility will have to be replaced at some point. Do you have an action plan? Intentional organizations plan today for tomorrow’s costs. That’s why it’s critical you establish a capital reserve account now.

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5 Intentional Steps to Planning an Event at your Church Facility

Planning each event involves a myriad of details, including coordinating with multiple departments, reserving rooms and/or services, managing expenses, and communicating the event to potential attendees. Here we provide a simple and effective guide to understanding all the factors the influence event success and how to be INTENTIONAL and IMPACTFUL. These are need-to-know insights that can make a huge different to church event success.

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Church Facility Evaluator

Are you...
  • Spending too much on utilities?
  • Investing enough to keep up with the natural rate of deterioration?
  • Properly staffing for your facility needs?

If you can not answer these definitively, then you need more information. To that end, we have developed this FREE Church Facility Evaluator. This simple tool will provide you with a snapshot of some key indicators associated with facility operational costs.

Church Facility Stewardship e-Book

The Church Facility Stewardship e-Book is a great primer to get you started on the road to understanding the basics of an intentional and proactive Facility Stewardship (i.e Facility Management) initiative for your church or ministry.

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Bellevue Baptist Church Case Study

Bellevue was the sponsoring church that initiated the development of ServiceU more than 12 years ago; however, for a variety of reasons, they made the switch to eSPACE late last year. Because Bellevue’s team manages more than 750,000 square feet and more than 400 spaces on a weekly basis, they quickly realized their need for a more effective way to manage their facilities and integrate their schedule with their HVAC systems.

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Facility Stewardship

Intentional Church Series: Facility Stewardship

Managing what God has entrusted to you.

Free Resources

White Papers / Tools

Church Land Search Grade Matrix

An Excel spreadsheet for establishing a Preliminary Analysis of Potential New Church Properties.

Church Facilities Management: The Facts (and nothing but the facts, sort of)

A nuts and bolts look at the “facts” associated with facilities management of our ministry facilities.

Baseline Best Practices for Developing a Proactive Preventive Maintenance Program

The art of preventive maintenance involves noticing small problems and fixing them before major ones develop. A structural or mechanical breakdown is usually preceded by a long period of deterioration, which is often neglected because it is not obvious. A piece of equipment that is not lubricated on schedule, for example, will continue to function until a bearing burns out. Similarly, eroded mortar joints may be overlooked until a brick wall buckles or a leak is noticed. Preventive maintenance does not necessarily require a high degree of technical skill on the part of the Facility Manager. It is essential, however, that the manager understands what services are needed and arrange for competent service.

The following is a preliminary “checklist” of items that should be on every church’s “radar” as a minimum baseline for maintaining their facility.

The GREEN CHURCH Initiative

This White Paper explores the practical side of “going green” for churches and other ministry related facilities. Learn how to save money and better steward the resources God has entrusted to you.

Dimes vs. Dollars

A compelling look at the true costs—and substantial savings—associated with regular preventive maintenance

Church Locality Resources

Church Plant Timeline

Are you starting a new church? Do you know where to start the process and all the steps that need to be taken? Well, we have the answer. This info-graphic, developed by Christianity Today, provides a visual guide and interactive links to make this journey more manageable to navigate.

Copyright 2013 Christianity Today/

Non-Building Project Costs

A church development project—whether new construction, renovation, or tenant improvement—includes far more than just the sticks and bricks. This tool will give you a comprehensive list of items that need to be considered when planning your project.

Potential Church Facility Assessment

Whether you are considering new property, an existing building or a retail/commercial lease, this assessment will provide you with a grading system to perform a side-by-side evaluation of each to provide you with an analytical approach to your selection process. This multiple tab document can server virtually any facility consideration.

Facility Option Comparison Matrix

This assessment tool will help your church evaluate the potential costs associate with various types of facilities. For example, if you are considering renting a school vs. a commercial building vs. buying land, then this tool is for you.

Worship Space Calculator

Ever wonder how much space you need to accommodate your desired seating? This simple calculator is a simple way to get a preliminary snap shot of the amount of space that may be required.